Puzzles Vol.2
Editor Utility Widget
For BP_Puzzle_4, a widget (EUW_SetupPuzzle_4) was made that opens in the editor for more convenient puzzle settings.
See on this page which plugin you need to enable for the widget to work.

How to use the widget?

  1. 1.
    Select the puzzle set on the level
  2. 2.
    Right click on the EUW_SetupPuzzle_4 widget
  3. 3.
    In the context menu that appears, select the Run Editor Utility Widget item
A widget window will appear.
Now with the puzzle selected on the level, click on the Init BP_Puzzle_4 button.
The widget will take information from the selected puzzle and display it on the screen.
From the drop-down list you can select a color and when you click on the colored squares LMB the square will change the color to the one that is selected in the drop-down list.
The left grid with colored squares contains the current state of the puzzle, and the right one which how must be assembled to solve the puzzle.
Be careful and make sure that the number of colors on the left and right matches, otherwise the puzzle will not be able to be solved.
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